Mamoru Bilberry Colostrum Chewable 60's for Kids - Support the development of healthy eyes & body 儿童蓝莓牛初乳咀嚼片
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  • Effective enhancement of the immune system, increasing the capacities of resistance against viruses and illness.
  • Promotes cell wound repair to safeguard body organs against infections 
  • Helps recovery from poor health and body injuries in the promotion of overall body vitalities 
  • Promotes blood circulation especially to the eyes, significantly beneficial to blood flow of capillary vessels in the prevention of eyesight disorders and body limbos coldness 
  • Helps prevents gastric ulcers caused by pressure 
  • Fortifies elasticity of capillary vessels, strengthens collagen and boosts neuro functions in the alleviation of progressive degeneration of memory and prevention of declining responsiveness of muscular nerve.
  • Helps toughen renal capillaries and improve renal glomerular filtration rate 
  • Inhibits cell tumorization and retard the aging process.

Bilberry Colostrum Chewable Tablets 1 Bottle (60 days)

-Made from Natural ingredients & harmless ingredients
-Chewable, easy for children to swallow
-Sweet and sour bilberry flavor, like crispy candy
-Syrup Free, reducing the risk of tooth decay
-Coloring Free
-No preservatives

What's in the box

60 tablets - chewable